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Le Chevalier discourses on Sutlers, Seamstresses, & Swords

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This is a reposting of an blog article published on The Fox & Thimble.  Enjoy!

Sutlers, Seamstresses, and Swords

I bought a pair of Fugawee Paul Revere boots back in February 2012 (so almost 3 years ago). A couple of months ago I went to wear them and noticed that the sole was becoming separated from the upper. I contacted Fugawee to see if they did repairs. Instead they promptly sent me a brand new pair of boots and paid shipping both ways. Now that is what I call customer service! 
 So, Theo made me a nice, new waistcoat and we decided I needed a Cobb Creek Hunting Coat to compliment it. I sent them a swatch of the waistcoat material and they promptly returned a recommended fabric plus half a dozen other choices if I did not like that one.
So, I ordered the coat on the 3rd, it was done and shipped by the 17th, and I received it on the 19th. Excellent fit, well made and it even has inside pockets – very useful when shooting.
A good friend of mine in Medford, Oregon runs Castille Armoury. Castille produces historically accurate hilts and blades, they can pretty much make anything you want. I have been exclusively buying hilts from him for many years (pre-dating the Castille Armoury name) and exclusively buying blades from him for the last couple of years. He is working on a more accurate sabre simulator and gave me a call today to borrow a couple of my pieces for research.
Also on the subject of swords, William Wilson's long awaited Bolognese Sidesword book came out last month. This is a sort of sequel to his Italian Rapier book “Arte of Defence.” Neither of these are straight translations, instead they are a very useful introduction and overview of the systems discussed.
“16th Century Single Sword Combat:”
“Arte of Defence,” 2nd edition:
“Arte of Defence,” 1st edition:
– Chevalier

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